Taxi Referral Service is an Open-Source Taxi app.

Licensed under MIT Open Source License

Taxi-Referral-Service helps you build your own taxi-aggregator like uber and lyft using low cost open-source technology !

This project can also be used to build your own transport aggregator for trucks and transport vehicles.

How Taxi Referral Service works ?

Taxi-Referral-Service uses smartphone based GPS to keep track of the vehicle location just like how its done in the uber and lyft.

The backend database now contains the database of vehicles with updated locations.


App is available on Play Store

Please click the following link to download the app



  • User Sign-up using Phone and E-mail
  • OTP Verification for both Phone and E-mail
  • Vehicle tracking using a mapbox vector maps on android
  • Vector Maps using Open Street Maps – Tileserver GL Project. This helps you to save your money which you may otherwise spend on a commercial maps license
  • Open Signal for Push Notifications
  • Rating and Review of Drivers – Users can rate their trips which generates the Driver Rating after taking an average of trip rating
  • Sort Drivers by Distance and Fare – the app allows you to sort the list of drivers by their distance or trip fare
  • An Estimated Trip Fare is provided by the app when the user gives both the pickup and destination address.
  • Automation of Distance and Fare calculation.
  • Administrators can monitor and control the registration of drivers. The drivers cannot start their service without approval from admin and staff. This ensures that drivers are verified before they are can start offering service.
  • Driver app allows taxi driver to go online and offline. The drivers can choose to work anytime and anywhere.

Features – Coming Soon

  • MQTT Server for Notifications : We have implemented Push Notifications using PAHO and Mosquito MQTT Broker … You get to save your money which you may spend on commercial push notification services

Technology Stack

At the back end we have a Java based REST API and in the front end we have Android app.

The backend is built using 

Postgres ( Our Primary Database)

Jetty Server

Jersey REST framework (An Implementation of JAX-RS)

Hikari-CP ( Connection Pooling Library)

Thumbnailator (For Generating thumbnails)

Our front end is built with 3 android apps

  1. End-User android app
  2. Driver Android app
  3. Admin android app

The administrator app helps the administrators keep track of vehicles registered in the database.


Third Party Integrations

Tileserver-GL OSM ( Open Street Map ) Map Server

Open Signal for Push Notifications

MQTT for Push Notifications

Pelias Geocoder for Geocoding and Reverse- Geocoding

MSG91 for Sending OTP

Mailgun for E-mail


Why Open Source and Free ? 

This flexibility that an ecosystem of open-source offers is very helpful for a small business entrepreneur. Open-Source software can help an entrepreneur save investment and reduce his dependence on VC funding which has many resulting benefits. As an Example we often see that Female entrepreneurs face discrimination when Looking for VC funding. Open-Source Software helps here by reducing the investment and dependence on VC funding.

Open-Source empowers small business and which helps break the monopoly and dominance of large organizations. Open-Source Software is good for economy and generation of Jobs.

Open-Source makes things very simple and efficient both in technical and economic terms. And we like efficiency.


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